John Kyle named LBC Communications director

By Staff, Baptist Message

[img_assist|nid=7888|title=John Kyle|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=70|height=100]ALEXANDRIA – John Kyle of Nashville, Tenn., and formerly of Lake Charles, La., was elected LBC Communications Director Jan. 23 by the executive board of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

The board convened to meet John and Kathy Kyle, and to vote on his selection.

“I think John will take our communications to a whole new level,” said LBC Executive Director David Hankins. “He’s always been on the cutting edge of technology.”

Hankins brought Kyle to Louisiana to serve on his staff as associate pastor when Hankins was pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles.

Kyle led ministry for single adults; he also directed Trinity’s outreach efforts and the church’s media ministry from 1990-99.

Kyle’s media work included directing and producing the weekly worship services as well as writing, directing and producing evangelistic commercials for airing on local stations. He won a prestigious Covenant Award in 1997 for “best spot radio campaign” with “Table for One.”

During the 11 years Kyle served as director of Cooperative Program development for the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee in Nashville, Tenn., he was the primary marketer/visioncaster for the Cooperative program missions support system for state conventions and global missions endeavors.

At the SBC Executive Committee, Kyle created, produced and provided art direction for more than 2.2 million print and 133,000 multi-media resources.

He coordinated the successful social media project “” for young adults.

Previous employment included a year as production assistant/associate producer at the parachurch organization Feed the Children in Oklahoma City, Okla., 11 years aas minister of youth, evangelism and media at Council Road Baptist Church in Bethany, Okla., and two years as associate minister of youth and recreation at Portland Avenue Baptist Chruch in Oklahoma City. 

Kyle started work at the LBC on Feb. 1.