March 2014

Leaked documents again fuel fire of controversy at LC

LC President Joe Aguillard

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By Kelly Boggs, Editor

PINEVILLE – A spate of leaked documents continues to fuel controversy at Louisiana College. The actual sources of the heretofore confidential information remain anonymous.

In just over a week’s time, recently, information from confidential LC trustee meetings, letters from an attorney, a never-filed lawsuit and other documents have been made public.


WORK IN PROGRESS: Progression Church is a plant of a plant

Senior Pastor Brian Crain and his wife Hannah stand beside the Baptist Collegiate Ministry sign on the LSU campus. In the background is the chapel the new church plant is utilizing on Sunday’s. The new start rents the LSU BCM’s facilities to hold Sunday services and is averaging 50-55 at the moment. They have had 14 people indicate they wanted to join the church and several more interested in being baptized during March.

By Philip Timothy, Managing Editor

BATON ROUGE – Listen to him speak and it quickly becomes apparent Brian Crain is driven, passionate about his work and on fire for the Lord. Listen just a little closer and you will hear a quiet confidence as well.

Impressive, considering that at only 28 years of age, Crain is the lead pastor of a new church plant in Baton Rouge, Progression Church, where he and his core team of six families (17 people) are seeking to reach the millennial generation.


Darwin Day – it’s nothing more than a leap of faith

By Kelly Boggs, Editor

What did you do on Darwin Day 2014? If you are like me, you totally missed it. Someone had to call my attention to the celebration of all things evolutionary, after the Feb. 8 event had taken place.

A little research allowed me to discover the website of the International Darwin Day Foundation (IDDF). According to the site:


Ideas that Stick: What can God do with your idea?

By David E. Hankins, Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention

In 1892, William Wrigley began placing two pieces of chewing gum in every order of baking powder purchased from his fledgling company. He hoped this “premium” would increase sales. To Wrigley’s surprise (and profit), the gum became more popular than the baking powder.

Wrigley’s new brands Juicy Fruit and Spearmint became household names, and the Wrigley Co. grew into a multi-billion dollar business. (It sold to Mars, Inc. in 2008 for $23 billion.)


Districts’ academic freedom policies should be encouraged, adopted

By Darrell D. White, retired judge, Founder and President of American Judicial Alliance

The recent Ken Ham v. Bill Nye debate over origins science drew a large audience, showing how vitally important is this issue of God vs. random natural selection causing macro-evolution (amoeba to man evolution).  

How very sad it is that today’s public school students are denied access to information about the many scientific problems with Darwinian macro-evolution. 


Are Christians hypocrites about same-sex marriage?

By Russell Moore, President of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Kirsten Powers and Jonathan Merritt recently wrote an article for the Daily Beast accusing conservative Christians of hypocrisy and unchristian behavior for suggesting that some persons’ consciences won’t allow them to use their creative gifts to help celebrate same-sex weddings.


Matthew 7:1 – One of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible

By Jim Law, Pastor First Baptist Church Gonzales

  Someone has said that judging others is one of the favorite indoor sports of humanity. Indeed, judging others just seems to flow naturally from a fallen heart.

Even among the ranks of the redeemed, believers battle with sinful, judgmental attitudes. In fact, one of the crushing criticisms leveled against Christianity have been those instances where professing believers have been cruel, harsh, and condemning in their action toward others.


WORLDVIEWS: What they are and why they matter (Part 1)

By Bob Stewart, Professor of Philosphy and Theology at NOBTS

Worldviews are like navels.  We all have one, but we don’t often think about it. 

There is no shortage of talk or books these days about “worldviews,” whether the worldview in question is the Christian worldview, the naturalist worldview, the enlightenment worldview, the Muslim worldview, the New Age worldview or whatever the worldview flavor of the month is. 

But what exactly do we mean when we use the term worldview?