January 2014

Famed Angola warden Burl Cain to share story at 2014 Evangelism Conference

Angola Warden Burl Cain has transformed “the bloodiest prison in America” by rehabilitating inmates through the Bible. Since he began his efforts, thousands of inmates have professed Christ as their Lord and Savior and there has been an 85 percent decrease in violence at the prison. He will share his story during the 2014 Louisiana Evangelism Conference Jan. 27-28.

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

ANGOLA – Warden Burl Cain is a man who promotes eternal life in a place where many will spend the rest of their days behind bars.

Inside the walls of what was once known as “bloodiest prison in America,” an atmosphere of hope and progress is now the norm, thanks in large part to Cain’s desire to rehabilitate inmates through the Bible.

“What you’ve seen happen is what God does when He is welcome,” Cain said of the faith-based initiatives that have occurred at Angola.


Louisiana Baptists encouraged to pray and pledge for La. College Feb. 23

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

PINEVILLE – Louisiana Baptists are encouraged to pray and pledge for the future of Louisiana College for one day next month.

Scheduled for Feb. 23, Pray and Pledge Day will focus on giving to refurbish dormitories, administrative buildings and other areas of the state’s only Louisiana Baptist college. The special day is part of a larger effort to meet a goal of $50 million for improvements on campus.


Sotomayor blocks contraceptive mandate for Catholic groups

By Staff, World News Magazine

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Right before Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor headed to New York’s Times Square to lead the official countdown to 2014 Jan. 31, she issued an emergency stay temporarily blocking the contraceptive mandate for a number of Catholic organizations in Colorado. 

Sotomayor handles emergency applications from the 10th Circuit, which includes a number of Western states.


The unborn await Dr. King’s dream – right to life

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor

On Aug. 28, 1963, an estimated 250,000 people gathered at our nation’s capital for the express purpose of making a unified statement that all citizens of America – regardless of their skin color – should be treated with equality.

It was to this mighty throng that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his most memorable oratory. With an economy of words, Dr. King eloquently articulated a vision that still moves people committed to life, liberty and justice for all.


Roe v. Wade: It’s time to put an end to this anniversary

By Barrett Duke, ERLC Vice-President

On Jan. 22, our nation reaches the 41st anniversary of the horrific Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion-on-demand.

For 40 years, our nation has sanctioned the killing of more than 1 million unborn children every year, resulting in more than 56 million abortions, with no end in sight.


Page: It’s time to pray like never before

By Sing Oldham, Vice-President of Communications SBC Executive Committee

Frank S. Page, president and “chief encouragement officer” of the SBC Executive Committee, has challenged Southern Baptists to continue praying in 2014 “like we’ve never prayed before.”

Page views his call to prayer as a “catalyst, a weekly reminder of the urgency and primacy of prayer.”


Evaluate where you spend your time, money

By Judy Woodward Bates, Author, Creator of Bargainomics

The Apostle Paul, in 1 Corinthians 5, chastises the Corinthian church because of their acceptance of a blatantly immoral man among their members. Paul tells them: “... Shouldn’t you ... have been filled with grief and ... put out of your fellowship the man who did this?” (v. 2).

Paul wanted the church, the corporate body of believers, to understand that though they were to love sinners (just as all of them -– and us –- were merely sinners saved by grace), they were never to embrace or ignore believers’ sins.


All must become personally involved in ‘Vision 2020’

By Steve Horn, Pastor First Baptist Lafayette, President of Louisana Baptist Convention

First of all, let me extend my thanks to the Louisiana Baptist Convention for your confidence in electing me to serve you this year as president.

I need your prayers and offer my intention to serve our Lord and our Convention well.

Together, we have heard and pledged our support to a collective vision framed by a report we have called Vision 2020.


The Holy Bible and health care

By Mark Coppenger, Director Southern Seminary Nashville Extension Center

At the moment, we’re having a national brouhaha over health care. Perhaps it’s a good time to put the matter of health in biblical perspective.

Consider these 10 facets of the biblical witness:


A moral ‘right’ to die? Study shows growing number agree

By Evan Lenow, Professor of Ethics Southwestern Seminary

The Pew Research Center has released results of a study on views of end of life medical treatment. Among the findings is how different faith groups view the morality of ending life.

A fourth of evangelicals believe a person has a moral right to suicide if he or she “is ready to die, living is now a burden” (25 percent) or if that person “is an extremely heavy burden on family” (24 percent).