October 2013

Pastors pray for a spiritual, patriotic renewal for state at Louisiana Renewal Project

Baptist Message Editor Kelly Boggs (at podium, right) prays for Gov. Bobby Jindal (center) as David Lane, founder of American Renewal Project (left), and Tony Perkins (right) of Family Research Council lay hands on the governor. With Boggs at the podium is Renewal Project Director Gary Miller.

By Mark H. Hunter, Regional Reporter

BATON ROUGE – More than 500 pastors and their wives from across the state and theological spectrum prayed for spiritual revival at the Louisiana Renewal Project held Sept. 26-27 at the downtown Crowne Plaza hotel.

The two-day event, part of the nationwide American Renewal Project, founded by former Baton Rouge resident David Lane, featured rousing patriotic and praise music, inspirational speakers such as former Congressman Bob McEwen and Gov. Bobby Jindal, good food and, of course, excellent fellowship in the diverse crowd.


Findings, actions in 2020 report revealed to LBC Executive Board

By Philip Timothy, Managing Editor

WOODWORTH – Louisiana Baptist Convention President Waylon Bailey did not pull any punches as he discussed the findings of the President’s 2020 Commission, the health of Louisiana Baptists, their churches and their efforts to further God’s Kingdom in the state.

Bailey took the opportunity of the LBC’s Executive Board’s annual fall meeting at Tall Timbers to present what the commission had discovered and a 10-point action plan to strengthen, renew and reinvigorate efforts by utilizing Louisiana Baptists’ strengths.


LBC Executive Board handles key items of business

By Philip Timothy, Managing Editor

WOODWORTH – The Executive Board of the Louisiana Baptist Convention waded through a busy agenda Sept. 24 at its annual fall meeting at the Tall Timbers Conference Center.

While the majority of the items they dealt with centered on financial matters, including the 2014 budgets for State Missions Service and the Cooperative Program, the board also approved several bylaw and amendment changes.


Book: Matthew Shepard murder was not a hate crime?

By Staff, World News Magazine

The murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998 became a cause célèbre for homosexual activists who said Shepherd’s murderers targeted him because he was gay. 

Now comes a new book saying Shepard and his murderers partied together, had sex together and used drugs together. 

The Book of Matt, out in early October to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the murder, is causing buzz because the writer is himself gay and a credible investigative reporter. 


Beware America for our moment of truth is coming

By Kelly Boggs, Editor Louisiana Baptist Message

A moment of truth is rapidly approaching for those who believe homosexuality is an immoral, aberrant behavior. The choice will be whether to capitulate to a culture that asserts, without evidence, homosexuality is natural, normal and healthy, or to insist it is sinful and suffer consequences.


Finally, climate change is starting to face a reality check

By Craig Mitchell, SWBTS Professor

OK, so did anyone else read about the leaked copy of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s sixth assessment on climate change?

The IPCC report is out, and for true believers in climate change, it is an inconvenient truth.

The report admits and cannot explain why there has been no significant increase in world average temperatures since 1997. And it admits that IPCC scientists’ computer models have been dramatically wrong.


California’s ‘mercy rule’ is ridiculous

By Michael Foust, Writer, Nashville, Tenn.

If your child is playing in a football league and the other team is winning big, do you want the opposing players to lay down and let your kid’s team score?

What about fining the other team $200 if the opposing coach does not cooperate?

That’s exactly what’s happening in the Northern California Federation Youth Football League, where a league for children 7 to 13 year olds is now suspending the coach for one week and handing the team a $200 fine it wins by 35 points or more.

It’s called the “mercy rule.”


Letter to the Editor

To the Editor

Claiming to be something and being something are two different things. Beginning with the time of John Calvin until today, there have been some Calvinists who claim to be Baptists. This is like claiming to be a Christian atheist. The two words are incompatible and in same way Baptist and Calvinists are also incompatible.


Questions we've pondered

Question: How can I understand the Bible better when I read it?

Bill Warren responds: Epistles comprise 21 of the 27 NT books. Most NT epistles are public letters sent to specific groups of Christians, making them quite different from casual personal letters among family or friends.

These public letters were written to be read aloud to the groups receiving them, not simply to be read privately by individuals. Of course, most of the Christian recipients could not read, so having the letters read aloud to them was the only means of accessing the text.


Success or significance: Which do you desire?

By Philip Caples, Louisiana College

Dr. David Uth, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Orlando, Fla., made a statement that caused a deep impression on my heart, during the recent E4 Preaching Conference.

Uth shared that people who want to become successful seem to focus on themselves, and people who want to become significant focus on influencing others.

As I pondered the difference between being successful and significant, a question came to my mind. Which type of person is the better of the two options?