August 2013

State resort ministries follow example set by Jesus

Louisiana’s resort ministries use their facilities for lodging, for mission teams, missionaries and staff retreats as well as having a huge impact on drawing people to Christ.

By Rachel Ortego, Regional Reporter

LOUISIANA – In 2011 the tables were turned on four Toledo Bend fishermen when they became fishers of men as well as of fish.

Because of a Toledo Bend Resort Ministry children’s project taking place during a fishing tournament, the four men made professions of faith and a chain of events began that is having kingdom-sized results.


Training for Billy Graham’s My Hope Outreach is quickly winding down

Churches wanting to undergo training for Billy Graham’s My Hope evangelistic outreach in November should do so soon.

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

Time is winding down for churches to undergo training for the My Hope with Billy Graham evangelistic outreach.

Scheduled for November 2013, My Hope is a grassroots effort to reach others throughout the United States with the gospel in a method different from the usual Billy Graham Crusade.


First Monroe will host SALT conference Sept. 14-15

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

MONROE – First Baptist Monroe will host an apologetics conference with the goal of helping Christians to share, discuss and defend their faith. Scheduled for Sept. 14-15, the SALT conference (acronym for Strategic Answers to Life’s Thoughts) will include topics such as the intolerance of tolerance, trusting the Bible, preparing students for the real world, women in Islam, the resurrection of Christ and communicating a biblical worldview.


Taking responsibility for your ‘moronic 2 minutes’

By Joe McKeever, New Orleans

Pastor, have you ever had a meltdown in the pulpit?

In the news recently, two Atlanta radio personalities were fired for the on-air mocking they did of a New Orleans icon, former Saints football player Steve Gleason who has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and lives in a wheelchair and speaks through a computer.


They made fun of him, parodied his situation, and someone role-played Steve speaking of his coming death and such.

It was the ultimate in offensive.


Religious freedom – is it now a secondary right?

By J. Randy Forbes, U.S. Congressman

The First Amendment is a promise that we are free to live holistically, according to the dictates of our conscience.

Recently, however, the First Amendment was subjected to assaults seeking to force the fully free exercise of faith into the most private of places: our homes and houses of worship.

The intent is simple and fatal: Redefine the meaning of religious freedom, making it a secondary right when exercised in the public square.


Questions We've Pondered

By Bill Warren, NOBTS

Question: How can I understand the Bible better when I read it?

BillWarren responds: This is a broad question, so let’s approach it both in the general sense in this column, then with more detail in subsequent columns.

A major key to understanding a Bible passage is to read it within its immediate context, thereby keeping in mind the text before and after the passage. Many times the theme being treated in the immediate context clarifies the meaning of the passage very quickly.


We can always trust our Heavenly Father

By Pete Charpentier, Louisiana College

I’m sure you’ve seen it. The image is simple, but the truth behind it is profound.

It’s the sight of a child at the point of “falling” into a father’s arms. Perhaps you’ve not only seen a picture like this; maybe you’ve acted it out with your child.

I know I did.

When my sons were young, I would stand below them while they stood on our kitchen counter. As I reached out my hands, I would ask them to leap into my arms.


LC Music Department granted membership to NASM

By Wildcat Staff, Special to the Message

PINEVILLE – In an effort that was years in the making, the Louisiana College Department of Music learned July 3 that LC has been granted membership into the prestigious National Association of Schools of Music.

As an accrediting organization, NASM has more than 600 members, and its acceptance of Louisiana College into that membership came after a review of both the college and music department that culminated in a final report filed by LC in May.