June 2013

Children are united with inmate fathers at AWANA Lifeline Returning Hearts

A joyous boy leaps into the arms of his incarcerated father at the ninth annual AWANA Lifeline Returning Hearts celebration that took place at Angola prison on May 18.

By Mark H. Hunter, Regional Reporter

ANGOLA – When the announcer at the recent AWANA Lifeline Returning Hearts celebration called the name of the first Angola inmate to come down out of the grandstands to greet a child he had not seen for nearly a year, Tracey Sanders burst into tears.

“I started boo-hooing,” said Sanders, a second grade school teacher and volunteer from Satsuma Baptist Church in Livingston. “When I saw the joy of the children seeing their dads, and the joy of the dads seeing their children – I just couldn’t help it.


Louisiana Disaster Relief teams respond to Moore after tornado

Members of a Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief unit from the Baton Rouge area work to put up a tarp on this heavily damaged house in Moore, Okla.

By Brian Blackwell, Marketing Director

MOORE, Okla. – Charles Watson described the scene of a tornado-ravaged area in suburban Oklahoma City as worse than what was portrayed on television.

As the blue hat – leader – of the Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief unit from the Baton Rouge area surveyed the damage upon arrival to Moore on May 24, Watson noticed not only total destruction in neighborhoods but in other areas, homes not leveled but severely damaged.


With vote, the Boy Scouts fall to political correctness

By Kelly Boggs, Editor Baptist Message

The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America has made a decision on the organization’s official position concerning the legitimacy and moral nature of homosexuality. As a result, Christians and conservatives will now be forced to make a decision.

BSA leadership voted on May 23 to allow those who openly identify themselves as homosexual to be members. The organization did not, however, change its policy on Boy Scout leadership. Openly homosexual leaders will still not be allowed.


Gosnell trial – A stark reminder of abortion’s inhumanity

By Penna Dexter, Columnist

The gruesome trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell has ended. He’ll spend his life behind bars for murdering newborns not quite killed in abortion.

Gosnell called his filthy clinic the Women’s Medical Society, a respectable sounding name for a disgusting facility that was somehow allowed to operate, without inspection, for more than 15 years.


America still cries out to God when tragedy strikes

By Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research

When tragedy strikes, deep and abiding religious convictions, shared by so many in our country, rise to the surface and reveal what was thought to be discarded.

Much has been written about the secularization of America, and in some ways that is the case. Pew Research found that one in five adults in our nation have no religious affiliation, a group identified as the “Nones.”


Abortion: When murder, supposedly, is not murder

By Evan Lenow, Assistant Professor of SWBTS

CNN recently reported on a tragic story about a woman whose boyfriend tricked her into taking an abortion-inducing drug after she told him she was pregnant.

The boyfriend, John Andrew Welden, is now facing first-degree murder charges for killing the unborn child.

Welden told his girlfriend that his father, a doctor, had prescribed her an antibiotic for an infection. In reality, Welden gave her an abortion-inducing drug, and the pregnancy was terminated.


John Cairo’s offer to Welby Bozeman

By Argile Smith, Louisiana College

Sometimes we hear stories about God’s love that stop us in our tracks. A story Dr. Welby Bozeman told about a member of his church had that kind of effect on me.

I have a hunch that it’ll make you stop and think too. And it’s sure to make you breathe a prayer of gratitude to the Lord for His love that’s expressed through His people.

But first, you need to know about Welby. Born and reared on a farm in Alabama, he was a public school principal before he became a preacher.


Questions we've pondered

By Archie England, NOBTS

Question: How can God be good and allow there to be suffering?

Archie England responds: Suffering resulted from Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Whereas God had created all things “good,” humanity, by the means of sinful rebellion, caused the blight of suffering to descend upon all creation.


‘Pure gospel’ gives Basile detainees best hope for salvation

By Rachel Ortego, Regional Reporter

BASILE – When Johney Jeans, a member of First Baptist Basile, walked into the local prison one Monday night to share God’s word, he was not surprised when the Holy Spirit led him to turn over the pulpit that night to his partner, Kent Aguillard, a member of First Baptist Eunice.

What really “threw him for a loop,” Jeans said, was when a prisoner walked up to him and asked if he was a preacher or pastor, then left and returned with a blind man who wanted to talk to Jeans privately.


Wild Spirit Ministries reaches young men through sport of hunting, fishing

Based out of Duson Baptist Church, Wild Spirit Ministries ministers to boys through hunting and fishing. Each boy is paired with a mentor who shares tips on the sport but also advice on life and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

By Brian Blackwell, Marketing Director

DUSON – Daniel Benoit’s vision to reach young men for Christ came one day on a deer stand.

An avid hunter, Benoit spent many mornings on his property participating in a sport he loved.

Then, Benoit said, God told him to share his passion with boys who needed Christian love, whom in some cases had never hunted in their life.

“God spoke to me and told me to quit being selfish,” Benoit said. “I couldn’t wait to get back and tell [Duson Baptist Pastor] Toby Ryder what God told me.