April 2013

Be the church: Servants at work!

For the last four years “Be the Church” has spent $100,000 in building material to repair some 40 homes in Washington Parish.

By Bob Adams, Special to the Message

BOGALUSA – It is one thing to go to church, or even to belong to a church. It is quite another to be the church.

Twice each year, in the spring and fall, men and women from the Southern Baptist churches of Washington Parish spend a week intentionally being the church.

“Be the Church Week” began in 2009, but its roots extend back several years. 


Support for same-sex marriage not based on scientific fact

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor

Recent polls indicate that a majority of Americans now support recognition of homosexual marriage.

In 2013 eight national polls have been conducted on the subject. The average of these surveys, according to PollingReport.com, indicates a 51 percent support for same-sex marriage.

A Pew Research Center poll, conducted in January 2010, found that only 38 percent of Americans were in support of homosexual marriage. A more recent Pew poll, released on March 29 of this year, revealed that 49 percent now support same-sex nuptials.


The Cooperative Program & the future of collaborative ministry

By Jason K. Allen, President Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

As a convictional Baptist, I am committed to two, and only two, ordinances for the local church: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. If I advocated a third ordinance, however, it just might be the Cooperative Program.

 Of course I am speak with hyperbole, but over the last 15 years my appreciation for this denominational staple has grown by the day.

In concert with my deepening affection for the Cooperative Program has arisen a parallel, and increasingly urgent, concern for its future.


Remembering the time I was given a Bible I didn’t want

By Jeff Iorg, President Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

My grandmother died in March. She was a devout Christian who lived a full life of service to God and others. Before it was cool, she helped start a church that has grown to be one of the strongest in its area.

People at my grandmother’s service spoke of her personal witness to them, her direct way of getting to the point about spiritual matters, and her constant love for those who struggled with life’s challenges. She truly was a remarkable woman.


After-birth abortion’ – A moment of clarity in debate

By James Smith, Editor Florida Baptist Witness

One side talks about choice. The other side talks about life. In the abortion debate, there are few times when clarity breaks through so that only the most ardently committed, truly pro-abortion advocates can fail to see – or at least admit – the moral reality of abortion.


Questions We've Pondered

By Bill Warren, NOBTS

Question: What was marriage like in the time of Jesus?

Bill Warren responds: Marriage customs were indeed different in the Roman context, especially compared with our context.

Marriages were based on legal contracts between families with regard to two members of those families.


First Baptist ‘Loves Lafayette’ ministry ripples through city

A member of First Lafayette muscles a bag of top soil over to a flower bed as part of Campus Clean-Up Day on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus.

By Rachel Ortego, Regional Reporter

LAFAYETTE – “First Baptist Church Has Left the Building.”

That paraphrase of a catchy slogan typifies the outreach and community involvement of First Baptist Lafayette. The effect of the church’s annual day of community service – called “First Baptist Loves Lafayette” – ripples throughout the community, local schools and the university.


LC places law school building on the market

By Staff, Baptist Message

SHREVEPORT – The building Louisiana College purchased to house its proposed law school has been placed on the market.

The former Joe D. Waggonner Federal Building, located in Shreveport, which was expected to be the home of LC’s Judge Paul Pressler School of Law, was recently listed with Sealy Real Estate Services LLC a real estate company specializing in commercial properties with corporate offices in Shreveport and Dallas, Texas.


As pastor and police chief, God has opened doors for Billiot

Kevin Billiot

By Holly Jo Linzay, Special to the Message

MONTGOMERY – Kevin Billiot daily puts on the armor of God as he faces spiritual warfare in his role as a pastor and as the police chief for the town of Montgomery.

“As a police chief, I’m exposed to humanity at its worst,” Billiot said.

The rural Grant Parish town of Montgomery, with a population of about 750 citizens, is a relatively quiet community, Billiot adds, but the police action comes in spurts.


Children ‘encounter’ Christ at Mamou skating rink

The Christian action sports ministry called “Real Encounter” and their performance before 200 children at the Mamou skating rink in late March resulted in 63 children coming forward for Christ: 30 of them for salvation and 33 re-dedications.

By Rachel Ortego, Regional Reporter

MAMOU – They came. They rode. They reached. They are the Christian action sports ministry called “Real Encounter” and their performance before 200 children at the Mamou skating rink in late March resulted in 63 children coming forward for Christ: 30 of them for salvation and 33 re-dedications.