April 2013

Biblical teaching now considered a hate crime in Canada

The North Dakota legislature recently approved the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States, cutting off abortion access as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

By Staff, World News

CANADA – The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in February that biblical speech opposing homosexual behavior, including in written form, is essentially a hate crime. 

The court upheld the conviction of activist William Whatcott, who distributed flyers regarding the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexuality throughout the Saskatoon and Regina neighborhoods in 2001 and 2002. 


The role Faith had in HIV cure

Hannah Gay, the University of Mississippi Medical Center pediatrician who achieved a functional cure of a child born with HIV, told Baptist Press she will continue to focus on prevention as the best way to save babies from the disease. Churches can help, she said, by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices through the spread of the Gospel.

By Diana Chandler, Baptist Press

JACKSON, Miss. (BP) – Hannah Gay, the doctor newly noted for curing a Mississippi baby of HIV, calls her decision to specialize in pediatric AIDS “evidence of divine humor.”

She entered the specialty in 1994 initially because it allowed her to work part-time as a physician and spend time with her husband Paul and their four small children. The family had returned to Mississippi after the couple served six years as Baptist workers in the Horn of Africa.

Had the position been full-time, Gay said, she would not have taken it.


Temple Baptist's new children's building part of a growing trend in state

Temple Baptist children’s center worker is demonstrating how a thumbprint is used to identify herself as part of a security measure employed by the church.

By Brian Blackwell, Marketing Director

STATEWIDE – Nearly five years ago, Temple Baptist in Ruston had a good problem.

Many facilities on its campus – including the children’s area – were outgrowing their allocated space and needed more room to accommodate ministries.

So the congregation visited other churches and dreamed of a possible solution.


Ministry give truckers a spiritual fill-up

By Holly Jo Linzay, Regional Reporter

MINDEN - Truckers stopping along the Interstate -20 corridor for fuel have an opportunity to get a spiritual fill-up as well thanks to a bible-distribution ministry.

 So far this year 1,789 free bibles have been placed in racks located inside five different truck stops along I-20, according to Randy Hales, the director of missions of the Bienville, Webster-Claiborne association. A sign is placed near the rack offering truckers the bibles for free.


BCWJC offers hand up

Peggy Renfrow, site coordinator for the Beauregard Christian Women's Job Corps (BCWJC), and her team of volunteers helps women help themselves and prepare for a lifetime of being independent in Beauregard Parish.

By Tammy Sharp, Special to the Message


Louisiana Baptist Boston Marathon runners counting their blessings, searching for answers

Jeff Thomas (left) with Meb Keflezighi, who won the American Olympic Marathon Trials, at the Boston Marathon

By Brian Blackwell, Marketing Director

BOSTON, Mass. – Two Louisiana Baptists are among the thousands of Boston Marathon participants counting their blessings but searching for answers the day after two bombs went off near the finish line of the race.

The bombs, which went off around 3 p.m. Monday, April 15, killed three people and injured at least 170, according to an Associated Press report Tuesday morning.


'Pray for Boston,' local leaders say after deadly bombings

A day after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the iconic Boston Marathon Monday (April 15), pastors and other leaders were urging people to pray for Boston as the city grapples with the questions that arise from tragedy.

By Erin Roach, Baptist PressBOSTON (BP) - A day after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the iconic Boston Marathon Monday (April 15), pastors and other leaders were urging people to pray for Boston as the city grapples with the questions that arise from tragedy.Three people were killed and more than 170 were injured, including 17 who were still in critical condition Tuesday, according to The Boston Globe.


Dozens of Decisions at annual Angola Prison Revival

Caleb Brown of Longstraw Baptist Church prays with an inmate on Angola’s death row during the annual Louisiana Baptist Revival at the state penitentiary.

By Mark H. Hunter, Regional Reporter

ANGOLA – Caleb Brown had visited local prisons during other ministry opportunities but a recent visit to Death Row at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola changed him.

“They are just regular men, however their future is already planned out for them, but they have hope just like anybody else does,” Brown, 22, from Longstraw Baptist, said following the April 5-6 LBC-sponsored revival at the Angola prison.