April 2013

RA Congress rounding up young men

Paul Daily, founder of Wild Horse Ministries, kneels before a wooden cross along with his daughter and a hired hand. Daily, who tamed a wild horse for the event, helped to make the RA Congress a memorable one.
By Karen L. Willoughby, Managing Editor WOODWORTH – Cowboy hats vied with baseball caps for space atop the heads of the 500 or more first- through sixth-grade boys at this year’s RA Congress. One young man even wore chaps on his legs and spurs – decorated with his first name, Read – on his boots for the mid-March event that this year carried the theme “Cowboy Up!” The chaps and spurs were gifts from his uncle, who rides the rodeo circuit in Texas, explained Read Areingdale, 10; he attends Calvary Baptist Alexandria.


Cooke, Lee serve as keynotes for President’s 2020 Summit

By John Kyle, LBC Communications ALEXANDRIA – Television producer, author and media consultant Phil Cooke is to be the keynote speaker during the President’s 2020 Commission Summit April 22 at the Riverfront Center in Alexandria. Christian recording artist and lead singer for the group NewSong – Russ Lee – is to provide a mini-concert as part of the evening session.


Royal Ambassador summer round-up

By Staff, Baptist Message The Royal Ambassadors will “Cowboy Up” again for camp June 24-27 at Tall Timbers in Woodworth. For more information about RAs,  visit LBC.org/RoyalAmbassadors, call 800.622.6549 or email: RoyalAmbassadors@LBC.org The RA Consultants may also be contacted.  Those living in the northern part of the state, contact Mike Collie at 318.278.2968 or email him at: mlcollie@suddenlink.net. Tom Long is the RA consultant for the southern part of Louisiana, and may be reached at 985.960.2989 or at Adventurerec1955@yahoo.com.


Who is really anti-science? It’s proponents of abortion

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor Many in the media tend to characterize conservative Christians as anti-science. But when it comes to the issue of abortion, it would seem that those who truly reject science are many of those same media members – and their ideological allies – who affirm abortion-on-demand. Let me explain.


We should dedicate ourselves to praying in full surrender

By Claude King, LifeWay Years ago, while reading one of my dozens of books by Andrew Murray, I learned that our modern posture of prayer (kneeling with hands clasped with head bowed) didn’t come from Judaism but from a medieval homage ceremony. In the homage ceremony a king, lord or landowner would call his vassals or subjects before him to pledge their loyalty and obedience to their lord. The king would hold out his open hands. The subject would kneel with bowed head and place his hands inside the hands of his king. Then he would say these words, “I am your man.”


Letters to the Editor

To the Editor   I am a former LC trustee and a retired pastor who has supported a number of LC students. For those reasons, as well as being a strong backer of Christian education, the current ruckus at Louisiana College troubles me. However, rather than weigh in on one side or the other, I’d like to point out a few things I feel need to be addressed.


Letters to the Editor

To the Editor   I do not know Joe Aguillard, but as far I can tell he is just standing up to some who want to control Louisiana College. With their threats of leaving the college and their denigrating language it seems they want to see their candidate ushered into the position of president.  Situations like the one at LC have always saddened me. Over the past 27 years I have endured attempts by some of the same type people who have wanted to remove me from my position as pastor. 


The ‘10 Commandments’ for guest-friendly churches

By Thom S. Rainer, President of LifeWay I travel a lot and spend a lot of time in different churches. Sadly, many times I do not feel welcome as a guest when I visit churches. The Bible is replete with admonitions of hospitality and servanthood. I just wish our church members understood that the servant-like spirit should also be manifest when we gather to worship. Guests are often uncomfortable, if not intimated, when they visit a church. We are to be gracious and sacrificial servants to them.


Questions We've Pondered

By Johnathan Patterson, NOBTS Question: Did God call Esther to sin? Jonathan Patterson responds: Esther 2 tells us that Esther was gathered, along with other young women, and placed among the king’s harem of virgins.  After a year of preparation, each virgin was appointed one night only with the king and returned the next morning to the harem of the king’s concubines. Esther had been instructed by Mordecai not to reveal her racial heritage, so when it was her time she entered into the king’s chambers as instructed. 


The Supreme Court tackles homosexual marriage

By Richard Land, President of the ERLC Recently the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on same-sex marriage; it was a high-stakes moment for both American society and for the court itself. The Court heard arguments on California’s Proposition 8 (Hollingsworth v. Perry) case and also reviewed the federal Defense of Marriage Act in U.S. v. Windsor.