February 2013

New HHS rule on abortion mandate 'inadequate'

By Michael Foust, Baptist Press

WASHINGTON (BP) - The Obama administration proposed a rule change Friday it says will appease the concerns religious organizations have about the abortion/contraceptive mandate, but legal groups who defend religious liberty called the proposal inadequate and said it fell far short of what is needed.


LC President articulates position on Calvinism

By Kelly Boggs, Editor

PINEVILLE –  Joe Aguillard, president of Louisiana College, recently articulated his position on the theological system known as Calvinism and its place at LC.

The theological teaching developed by John Calvin in the early 1500s is best known for its five points that are summed up in the acronym TULIP. Each of the letters in the word represents a key doctrine of Calvin’s theology. 

The ‘T’ represents “Total depravity.” This doctrine teaches that as a consequence of the fall of man into sin, every person born into the world is enslaved to sin.


Prayer impacts 2013 Evangelism Conference

Prayer, fervent prayer, before the 2013 Louisiana Evangelism Conference helped prepare both participants and speakers.

By Karen L. Willoughby, Managing Editor

LAFAYETTE – Fervent prayer before the 2013 Louisiana Evangelism Conference prepared both participants and speakers.

More of the same during the Jan. 28-29 event at First Baptist Church of Lafayette contributed to what many said was one of the best evangelism conferences they had ever attended, said Wayne Jenkins, director of the LBC evangelism/church planting team.


This lawsuit on homosexuality should be closely watched

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor

A Ugandan homosexual rights organization has filed a federal lawsuit against an American pastor claiming his biblical views on homosexuality have influenced many citizens in their country and resulted in crimes against humanity.

Massachusetts pastor Scott Lively has been accused by the group Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) of inciting the persecution of homosexuals in Uganda.


The moral evacuation of the Boy Scouts of America

By R. Albert Mohler, President Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The announcement that the Boy Scouts of America may rescind its national policy prohibiting the participation of openly homosexual members and leaders fell like a thunderclap. The B.S.A. national board could well make the change in May.

It should be noted the aforementioned board announced six months ago that no change would be made, citing the unanimous recommendation of a special study committee. Back then, the B.S.A. CEO said that the “vast majority” of Boy Scout parents supported the policy.


Let’s get real for Jesus Christ

By Andy Johnson, Pastor Cross Roads Baptist Church Farmerville, La.

Reality shows are a dime a dozen these days. While I don’t watch too much television, I am a sucker for a good reality show. Note that I said a good reality show.

Particularly interesting to me is the reality series “Amish Mafia” that airs on the Discovery Channel. The program focuses on the underground Amish church that seeks to do their Lord’s bidding by enforcement of the strict code of ethics and religious observations the Amish live by.


If church is important to you, let’s make it important for everyone

By Perry Lassiter, semi-retired Pastor Ruston, La.

One summer my mother hijacked me to accompany her to a wedding at a small country church. I knew no one involved and, at the time, hated any kind of ceremony. However, knowing I would one day be performing weddings, I paid attention.

The bride came down the aisle radiant. Everyone seemed very happy. From somewhere came the thought, “Every wedding is the most important.”

Whether or not the Lord whispered in my ear, I don’t know, but I do know it stuck.


Leadership Lessons: Strength, Strategy, and Security

By Pete Charpentier, Caskey School of Divinity

One of my favorite people in the Bible is Moses. 

As someone who has served in various ministry settings, I’ve seen some difficult days in ministry, but it appears Moses hardly ever had “a good day at the office!” 

Yet, Paul writes that whatever was written before was written for our instruction – Rom. 15:4a. So we can learn key leadership lessons from Moses’ struggles, especially as we look at Num. 11:10-30.