January 2013

Evangelism Conference adopts ‘can’ do approach to serving

These cans with a customized label were mailed to every Louisiana pastor to help promote this year’s Evangelism Conference. The goal was to capture a pastor’s attention and encourage them to bring a canned good to be distributed to the hungry in and around Lafayette.

By Staff, LBC Communications

STATEWIDE – Another year, another conference?

Not this year, at least not when it comes to the 2013 Evangelism Conference.

“We wanted to do something that would reinforce our theme and give those attending an opportunity to participate,” said Wayne Jenkins, director of Evangelism and Church Growth for the Louisiana Baptist Convention.


The result was an unusual delivery for every Louisiana pastor: a can.


Hats off to the past-coats off to the future

Logo for President's 2020 Commission

By David E. Hankins, Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention

Last year was quite a year ... tragedies ... elections ... stagnant and uncertain economic times. For some, the best part of 2012 is that it’s over!

However, Louisiana Baptists experienced God’s hand of blessing in many ways including:


Why is smoking pot okay but smoking tobacco isn’t? Pot

By Kelly Boggs, Baptist Message Editor

Pot-puffers in Washington state celebrated their new ability to smoke marijuana legally on Dec. 6. Colorado joined the Evergreen State and allowed airheads to start getting Rocky Mountain high lawfully on Dec 10.

I find it quite ironic that while it seems society has grown more accepting of marijuana, it has at the same time ridiculed, scorned and even shamed those who smoke tobacco. The products have come to be viewed very differently.


A biblical reflection on the Sandy Hook massacre

By Joe Alain, pastor Hebron Baptist Church in Denham Springs

After the massacre of 20 children on Dec. 14 at a Connecticut elementary school, people are asking a familiar question, “Where Is God?”

Many look for answers and in moments like this, there are no easy answers. What we do know is that God is with the suffering. He identifies with the hurting.


A Christ-centered celebration is worth celebrating

By Skip Rainbolt, Pastor orf Fillmore Baptist Church in Princeton, La.

I am somewhat amazed at the level of participation in the observance of Christmas in our increasingly secularized society. Why do people who want little or nothing to do with Christianity still celebrate this Christian holiday?

Ironies abound during this special season and 2012 was no exception.

During December I read an article about an atheist organization renting a billboard in Times Square in New York which reads “Keep the MERRY – Dump the MYTH.”


Questions We've Pondered

By Archie England, NOBTS

Question: What is the appropriate sacrifice to give to God when we have sinned against Him? 

Archie England Responds: See 2 Samuel 24. King David, against wise counsel, numbered (took a military census) the people of Israel. Not long after, he realized he had sinned by doing so. God’s anger with Israel, in general, was now focused on David, in particular. 


Bill Wallace: Missionary martyr and model

Southern Baptist missionary Bill Wallace

By Philip A Pinckard, NOBTS

Since I grew up in east Tennessee, the birthplace of Bill Wallace, a Southern Baptist missionary to China, his name was one of the first I associated with missions’ service.

Jess Fletcher begins his biography on Bill Wallace as follows: “This is the story of an ordinary man, who, in the providence of God, lived an extraordinary life.”

 Let’s examine the life of a quiet but remarkable man.


Adoption tax credit made permanent in ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

By Michael Foust, Baptist Press

WASHINGTON (BP) –  The so-called “fiscal cliff” bill signed by President Obama didn’t fully please either political party, but it did contain great news for the adoption community by maintaining a tax credit that makes adoption more affordable for low- and middle-income families.


Hobby Lobby apparently will defy gov’t on abortion mandate

By Staff, Baptist Press

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP) – Arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby apparently is willing to defy the federal government and face huge fines for not covering abortion-inducing drugs following a string of court losses in December.

Hobby Lobby’s setbacks in court at the end of the year gained significant media attention, despite the fact that for-profit businesses like the Oklahoma-based business continue to rack up court victories against the mandate.


Message website receives makeover

The Baptist Message new look.

By Brian Blackwell, Marketing Director

ALEXANDRIA – The Baptist Message website has received a makeover.

Formally introduced at the Louisiana Baptist Convention annual meeting in West Monroe, the new website for the Baptist Message offers a variety of user-friendly features.