January 2013

Louisiana church’s poverty game raises $30,000 for hunger

Sweetwaters, South Africa, is a community whose population has been decimated by HIV/AIDS. Tabitha Ministries in Sweetwaters uses resources from the World Hunger Fund, channeled through Baptist Global Response, to provide food parcels to more than 6,000 orphaned children living in child-headed households.

By Mark H Hunter, Regional Reporter

AMITE (BP) – Instead of preaching a sermon for World Hunger Sunday Oct. 14, pastor Mike Foster divided his congregation in Amite, into three groups and played the Poverty Bean Game.

The game, which demonstrates the disparity of wealth between developed countries like the United States and Third World countries like Haiti, convicted members of First Baptist Church to put nearly $30,000 in the offering basket – more than three times the usual Sunday morning offering, Foster said.


Big ministry in Big Apple: Sandy ends busy 2012 for Louisiana Disaster Relief volunteers

Sailboats lay stacked up like cordwood after being swept ashore by the fierce wind and storm surge from Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island in New York.

By Brian Blackwell, Marketing Director

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers exhibited the spirit of Christmas recently when they gave back to those affected in one of the hardest-hit areas by Hurricane Sandy.

No stranger to receiving assistance from others during disasters, Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers spent most of November and some of December – including the week just before Christmas – helping those in need in Northeast communities not accustomed to direct impact of major hurricanes.


Sandy Hook a tragedy to be sure, but what about abortion?

While I believe that the shooting in Newtown, Conn., that took the lives of 26 people – 20 of them precious children – was a horrible senseless tragedy, I believe the lives of 3,562 preborn children perishing at the hands of an abortionist because their mothers do not want to be inconvenienced is also a horrible, senseless tragedy.

By Kelly Boggs, Editor

On Friday morning, Dec. 14, a gunman shot his way into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and gunned down 20 precious children and four adults before taking his own like.

Earlier that same day, the shooter fired several shots into his mother, killing her while she slept in her home.

The death toll of Friday’s murderous rampage that shocked the nation was 26. In the ensuing days memorials were held all over the country.

People wept and wondered how someone could be so calloused as to murder children in cold blood.


Do you know how much I really, really hate typos?

By Art Toalston, Editor, Baptist Press

I hate typos.

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.

Working in the media, I’m horrified when I see a typo on our website, especially in something I’ve written or edited.

I’d rather stub my toe.

Typos make me look stupid. They make me drop everything and urgently fix them.

You probably hate something with a passion. Go for it, I’m prone to say.

I hate typos so much that I don’t care if I’m blatantly repetitive: I hate my typos. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.


It is time for us to speak up for those who have no voice

By Nathan Rush, Pastor, First Baptist Houma

We have all grieved with a deep sadness over the tragedy at an elementary school in Connecticut. A single gunman murdered 26 other people, 20 of them children aged 7 and under.

The numbers are staggering, in what is now the second deadliest school shooting on American soil.

Across the nation, hearts are broken – and well they should be! But, there are some other numbers we, as God’s people, should consider.


Twelve spiritual tips for new year

As the New Year rolls around, many folks will make New Year’s resolutions to change or improve something in their lives. One of the topics that make every Top Ten list is "get out of debt." But what about spiritual goals? With the Bible as our guide, here are 12 tips and corresponding scriptures to help you make the coming year your best ever:

1. Commit yourself fully to Jesus Christ. God wants more than a relationship; He wants a total commitment. Happy are those who keep His decrees and seek Him with all their heart. – Psalm 119:2.


Impact of a Baptist missionary’s widow on Lottie Moon

J. Landrum Holmes and his wife, Sallie, went to China before 1860 as pioneer Southern Baptist missionaries in Chefoo in the Shantung providence of northern China.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Hartwell joined them in 1860, living in Tengchow.

In a few short years the lives of Sallie Holmes and two missionary sisters, Edmonia and Charlotte (Lottie) Moon, would intersect.


Questions We Ponder



I hear the word "grace" used a lot by church people in singing and Bible readings. What is grace and how is it different from faith?


Bill Warren responds:



SACS to continue LC 'warning status'

PINEVILLE – Information released by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) indicates that the accrediting organization determined at its recent annual meeting to continue Louisiana College on "warning status," a status SACS placed LC on during its annual meeting in December 2011.

LC remains fully accredited. The warning status means that accreditation, which is determined as part of a 10-year cycle of evaluation and review of all academic institutions, has not been reaffirmed by SACS.


Frank Page issues SBC-wide call to prayer for 2013

Frank S. Page, president and "chief encouragement officer" of the SBC Executive Committee, is asking Southern Baptists to come together in 2013 for a year of emphasis on prayer "like none we’ve ever seen before."

Frank S. Page, president and "chief encouragement officer" of the SBC Executive Committee, is asking Southern Baptists to come together in 2013 for a year of emphasis on prayer "like none we’ve ever seen before."