December 2012

YEC Rocks the House: Event shatters attendance record in 25th year

For the first time in its 25 year history, YEC was sold out before the doors of the Rapides Parish Coliseum even opened. The 7,567 in attendance shattered the previous record of 7,050 set in 2010. Featuring a powerful message from Clayton King and high-energy music from the band Skillet and worship leaders Jeff Johnson Band, illusionist Joshua Jordan, inspiring messages, testimonies, the Skit Guys and comedian Bob Smiley, the event resulted in 950 spiritual decisions.

By Brian Blackwell, Marketing Director

ALEXANDRIA – In a year set aside for an awakening of Christ among Louisiana Baptists, hundreds of young people answered the call to accept and serve the Lord in record numbers. It was the highest-attended Youth Evangelism Conference ever.


Crossover 2012 saturates, impacts Northeast Louisiana

Robert Spicer, team leader of Crossover Events for Northeast Association, witnesses to a teen at Real Encounter event

By Robert Lemoine, Regional Reporter

OUACHITA PARISH – Northeast Louisiana Southern Baptists saturated their area repeatedly for four months with the Word of God.

Many events across the parish offered fellowship and evangelism to the communities under the anticipation of Crossover this year.


Christmas celebrations indicate Americans penchant for secularism

By Kelly Boggs, Editor

Political pundits, social commentators and even theologians continue to debate what the most recent election results actually indicate about America.

However, one reality that seems evident is that just over half of the registered voters in the United

States are in favor of a more secular culture.

The morning of Nov. 7, we learned that Americans had rejected traditional values, anchored in the principles espoused by the Bible, in favor of homosexual marriage, recreational drug use and candidates who seem enamored by socialist ideas.


Here are instructions on avoiding spiritual implosion

By Jim Law, Pastor, First Baptist Gonzales

I have always been fascinated how engineers can bring down old, unwanted buildings in the middle of a city skyline with relatively little damage to the surrounding area.

One thing is for sure in a building demolition project, the engineers are not haphazard in the placement of the explosives.

They want the building to implode, not explode.

The goal of the engineers is to have the building collapse and fall straight down, as opposed to an explosion that would send shrapnel out into the city.


This Christmas season give gifts more precious than gold

By Chuck Bentley, CEO, Crown Financial Ministries

As you consider the gifts you will share with friends and loved ones at Christmas, I recommend that you con­sider giving gifts that will ultimately be more precious than gold.

Maybe we can call this the Biblical Gift Guide for the Holiday Season:



Is 2.56 percent really all that we love Jesus Christ?

By Ronnie Floyd, Senior Pastor, Cross Church Arkansas

 Imagine what your life would look like if you only committed 2.56 percent of yourself to the things you do.

How healthy would your marriage be if you told your spouse, “I love you with 2.56 percent of my heart”? Where would your career be if you performed at only 2.56 percent of your capability?


Remember the importance of the Church

 I don’t know if it is the same for you, but I have found that the Lord quite often uses the holiday season to convict me.

In his grace and wisdom, God sees fit to use the time-honored tra­dition of bringing the most eccentric and peculiar people together under one roof in the name of family to, as Paul says, conform me to the image of his Son – Romans 8:29.


Questions We've Pondered

Question: If “God hates divorce” (Mala­chi 2:16), then why does Ezra command the remnant to “put away” their foreign wives (Ezra 10:3-5)?

Archie England responds: Malachi 2:16 powerfully asserts, God hates divorce. That’s it: case closed!


Report: State staff works hard to resource churches

LBC Executive Director David Hankins (white shirt) leads prayer at the Caldwell Parish Courthouse in Columbia on March 8 as part of Louisiana Southern Baptists praying for a spiritual awakening in the state. The Wave of Prayer took place in each of Louisiana’s 64 parishes.

By Karen L Willoughby, Managing Editor

ALEXANDRIA – Throughout each year, the Louisiana Baptist Convention’s staff of 60 employees in-building serve the LBC’s 1,611 churches.

The reports of their activities are part of the LBC’s 2012 Book of Reports, available upon request from the office of Executive Director David Hankins.

“We are accountable to our churches and we want them to know about the impact of our cooperative missions and ministries across Louisiana,” Hankins said

Following is a synopsis of the activity in each of seven resource teams.


Record setting LC football team earns first berth in D3 playoffs

BELTON, TX – Despite an early exit from the NCAA Division III football playoffs, the future never looked brighter for the Louisiana College Wildcats.

Despite losing 59-20 to perennial D3 powerhouse, American Southwest Conference champion, and the No. 2 ranked University of Mary Hardin Baylor Crusaders, the Wildcats (8-3) certainly have no reason to hang their heads. In fact, the Cats’ outstanding season should give Louisiana College plenty to build upon.