November 2012

Louisiana Milestones


Mike Edens, new as interim pastor of Hebron Baptist in Bush.

John Talbert has resigned as pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist in Winnfield.

Joe Thornton has resigned as pastor of Shady Grove Baptist in Sikes.

Brett Campbell has resigned as pastor of First Baptist Church of Zwolle.

Stacy Morgan, new as transitional pastor of Ferriday First Baptist.

James Patrick Deshotel was ordained to the gospel ministry Oct. 28 at Sale Street Baptist in Lake Charles.




New season brings increase in homosexual characters to TV

New Season Brings Increase in Homosexual Characters to TV

(WNS)--The number of gay and bisexual characters on scripted network television progams will be at its highest-ever level ever during the upcoming season, according to a study released last week from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). The total on cable television is also rising.


As troops & their chaplains return, churches must be ready

U.S. Army Chaplain Jared Vineyard and his wife Amanda receive a standing ovation from messengers at the 2012 SBC annual meeting in New Orleans. Capt. Vineyard, a decorated combat veteran, represents the 1,425 NAMB-endorsed chaplains serving in the U.S. military.

By Mickey Noah, Baptist Press

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) –They’re coming home. They’ve witnessed death on the battlefield and led soldiers, sailors and Marines to Christ. They’ve baptized converts in water-filled barrels and led worship during rocket attacks. They’ve risked their own lives and sacrificed time away from their families. They are the among the nation’s unsung heroes – military chaplains.


AWAKEN AND GO: Messengers are the key to challenge

LBC Executive Director David E. Hankins shows a key which is a part of the 200th anniversary of Baptist ministry in Louisiana during the evening session Monday.

By Karen L. Willoughby, Managing Editor

WEST MONROE – Messengers to the 165th meeting of the Louisiana Baptist Convention were reminded that they were “the key” to what God is going to do during the next 200 years of ministry in the state.

A brass key in the shape of the state of Louisiana was given to every person present Nov. 12 in the worship center at First Baptist Church, better known as “First West,” where John Avant is pastor.


Messengers affirm six resolutions at Annual Meeting

Steve Horn, messenger and pastor of First Baptist Lafayette, indicated that he appreciated the concern over unity but believed expressing one’s opinion or feelings on a given issue should not be considered disunity.

By Staff, Baptist Message

WEST MONROE – Messengers to the 2012 annual meeting of the Louisiana Baptist Convention affirmed six resolutions, the majority of which dealt with social issues. One addressed the theological significance of a “sinner’s prayer” and another expressed appreciation for the host church, First Baptist Church of West Monroe.


Resolutions at Annual Meeting

Messengers affirmed six resolutions, including four dealing with social issues, at the Annual Meeting.


On “Same-Sex Marriage” and Civil Rights Rhetoric


WHEREAS, Marriage is a covenant relationship and an institution established by God rather than simply a human social construct (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:4–6; Ephesians 5:22–33); and


WHEREAS, Southern Baptists have consistently affirmed our support of the biblical definition of marriage as the exclusive union of one man and one woman; and


WHEREAS, The Word of God indicates that all sexual behavior outside of marriage is sinful; and



Waylon Bailey proposes a 2020 Commission to sharpen LBC efforts

LBC President Waylon Bailey, pastor of First Baptist Church Covington, proposed a 2020 Commission to help sharpen the LBC's effort in the state during the annual meeting.

WEST MONROE – Waylon Bailey, pastor of First Baptist Church of Covington and president of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, proposed at the Nov. 12-13 annual meeting a President's 2020 Commission for the purpose of examining current LBC missions and ministries, and refocusing the state convention’s efforts moving toward the year 2020.


Survey reveals potential in South Louisiana

WEST MONROE – A popular game show uses the line “and the survey says.” During the recent meeting of the Louisiana Baptist Convention in West Monroe, the “survey said” there is great potential and surprising receptivity to reach people for Christ across southern Louisiana.

The results of months of telephone surveys across south Louisiana were presented to messengers via video as part of the LBC's Missions and Ministries Team report. The survey showed unexpected openness by people in southern Louisiana to a “come to church with me” invitation by a Southern Baptist.


Thanksgiving: A significant part of our American heritage

By Kelly Boggs, Editor

Thankfully, the founders of the United States were literate. If they had been unable to commit their thoughts to writing, the rabid secular­ists that now infests our great nation would have already succeed­ed in erasing the significant role Christianity played in America’s founding. There is no more poignant reminder of our religious heritage than the national holiday of Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving’s true focus should be on spirituality

By Paul Brewster, Barlow-Vista Baptist Hampstead, NC

Few things reveal the hollowness of American Christianity with any more clarity than the collapse of Thanksgiving.

In this age of contention over the role of Christianity in the pub­lic square, Thanksgiving has survived because it has been emptied of its true spiritual and religious significance.

Many have deemed it a “secular holiday,” the blatant contradiction built into the linguistic root of “holiday” notwithstanding.