May 2012

God’s movement at Northside results in baptisms

By Karen L. Willoughby, Managing Editor [img_assist|nid=8100|title=The Northerns|desc=The Northern family – Jerry, Charlie, Dee, Shala and baby Shannon – stand with Pastor Kevin Billiot (in glasses) in the baptistry at Northside Baptist Church in Montgomery.|link=none|align=right|width=640|height=373]MONTGOMERY – One of the many stories emerging from the Awaken movement is of two families baptized at Northside Baptist Church.


Wave of Prayer crests on Capitol steps

By Mark H. Hunter, Regional reporter [img_assist|nid=8103|title=Prayer on Capitol Steps|desc=Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director David Hankins addresses several hundred Baptists participating in the final “Awaken” prayer service, which took place at the State Capitol April 29.|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=431]BATON ROUGE – The Awaken Wave of Prayer washing across Louisiana since early March crested on the Capitol steps the evening before the state officially celebrated its bicentennial.


Bullying and sexual politics: the two don’t go hand in hand

By Kelly Boggs, Baptist Message Editor The word bully, according to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as a person or persons who “intimidate or persecute [someone weaker].” Though the practice has likely been around since the beginning of mankind’s existence, the advent of the Internet and proliferation of social media has given bullies new and innovative ways to torment their victims. Situations have occurred where the bullying has been so relentless and intense that victims were driven to commit suicide, a practice that is now referred to as “bullycide.”


Wicker: Remembering Chuck Colson, the church member

By Hayes Wicker, Senior Pastor First Baptist Naples, Fla. While multitudes mourn the death of Charles Colson, probably the best-known and most influential American Christian other than Billy Graham, I experience a profound sadness as his pastor of 20 years. I first met Chuck while in view of a call. I presented an audacious covenant to the First Baptist Church of Naples which was attached to the secret ballot, challenging the church: “You cannot separate a man from his message and his methods; a vote to call me is a vote to confirm this covenant.”


Decisions, decisions ... Why Vacation Bible School matters

By Andy Johnson, Pastor Cross Roads Baptist Church Farmerville The vast majority of Baptist churches throughout Louisiana – and across the country – will hold Vacation Bible School during the upcoming summer months. Some even do it twice a year. Whether it revolves around alligators, pandas, apples, or big pirate ships, there is always a ton of work to be done to transform pristine sanctuaries and educational facilities into a broad array of sounds, colors, and themes designed to widen the eyes of children – ranging in age from 3 years old all the way to 12.


Why we have gone to court against the Obama mandate

By Joe Aguillard, President of Louisiana College, William Armstrong, President of Colorado Christian University, Ken Smith, Geneva College We are presidents of three private, evangelical colleges throughout the country. Our colleges enrich each of our communities. We educate young men and women for virtuous and productive roles in society. We engage in service and charitable outreach. We provide jobs to many hundreds of citizens and provide their families generous health insurance.


Boniface: Monk, missionary, and martyr

By Rex Butler, NOBTS When Pope Gregory II commissioned the missionary known as Boniface, he said, “You seem to glow with the salvation-bringing fire that the Lord came to send upon the earth” as cited by Mark Galli in 131 Christians Everyone Should Know). Gregory gave him the name “Boniface” (“doer of good”), a name to which Boniface lived up to by his hard work and impacting preaching in eighth-century Germany.


Questions we've pondered

By Archie England, NOBTS Question: Judaism uses the term “Shema” to refer to their theological understanding that God is one (and not a Trinity). Where is this in the Old Testament, and what does it mean?  Archie England responds: “Shema” is a Hebrew word that means “hear!” and it’s the first word of Deuteronomy 6:4. What follows this imperative verb in verses 4-9 has become known as the “Shema.” The passage is used in their morning and evening prayer service, and it is explained by Judaism as expressing the monotheistic essence of God (as opposed to our Christian doctrine of Trinity).


LBC Youth Ministry forum dubbed ‘the best ever’

By Philip Timothy, Message Staff Writer Too often youth ministers/ministries just “let it happen.” Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360 and author of 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible, pointed out to his audience that statistics reveal a larger than imagined percentage of youth ministers do little or no planning for their small group Bible study time with their youth  … they just let it happen. Not good.