January 2012

Louisiana Baptists going forward in Haiti with new strategy

By Karen L. Willoughby, Managing Editor

CANAAN, Haiti – Even as Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts wind down in Haiti, ravaged Jan. 12, 2010, by a 7.0 earthquake, the Louisiana Baptist Convention focuses its ongoing impact on the million-and-a-half people now living in what two years ago was a green field.

Initial plans include partnering with a church-multiplier national pastor, constructing a church and a medical clinic, and starting an orphanage, all in a part of the Haiti countryside that the people there named Canaan.

“We are intentionally making sure [the new strategy] is not a diversion from what we’ve done in the past with our facilitation of networks,” said Wayne Sheppard, LBC’s partnerships coordinator and executive assistant to the executive director. “But because of what the Florida Baptist Convention has already been doing in Haiti – since 1995 – we’re making sure our strategy works along with theirs.


Church members respond to needs in Zimbabwe

[img_assist|nid=7868|title=Help for Zimbabwe|desc=About a dozen people participated Jan. 7 in an effort to pack and seal 950 boxes of goods, all of which will fit in a 40-ft. shipping container, to be sent as missions cargo to Zimbabwe.|link=none|align=right|width=640|height=480]By Karen L. Willougby, Managing Editor

PINEVILLE – A teacher in a poor village in Zimbabwe writes in chalk on a wall. That’s been the type of “book-learning” students have had.

However, when a school in Grant Parish closed, they gave their books to Shepherd Ministries International (SMI), and those books were among the boxes of items packed one recent Saturday.

About 950 boxes will be needed to fit in one 40-foot metal container that will be loaded onto a cargo ship to sail to the southern African nation.



By Staff, Baptist Message


Ben Green, new as pastor of Oak Hill Bastrop.

Rueben Weaver, new as pastor of Faith Bastrop.

Stephen Nutt, resigned as associate pastor of Cook Ruston.


Embrace a new dimension in being missional

By Karen L. Willougby, Managing Editor

[img_assist|nid=7871|title=Top 10 South Asian UUPGs|desc=Top 10 South Asian UUPGs Area PEID Country People Group Population Primary Religion 1 Pakistan & Kashmir 6372 Pakistan Kolai 435,022 Islam 2 Northwest India 47953 India Gujjar (Marwari) 2,577,752 Hinduism 3 North India & West Nepal 47955 India Gadaria Awadhi 4,382,214 Hinduism 4 East Nepal, Bhutan & East India 41258 India Kalwar 3,232,405 Hinduism 5 Bangladesh & Northeast India 48006 India Bania (Assamese) 1,347,292 Hinduism 6 Central India 47903 India Mali (Marathi) 2,934,357 Hinduism 7 East India 48197 India Bangladeshi Muslims 3,720,029 Islam 8 South-Central India 47967 India Kalal (Kannada) 740,615 Hinduism 9 South India, Maldives & Sri Lanka 41247 India Mappila 8,603,290 Islam 10 Diaspora 11915 Saudi Arabia Bengali 1,576,767 Islam – Sunni|link=none|align=right|width=640|height=611]RICHMOND, Va. – Of the 7 billion people alive today, somewhere on Planet Earth, “unless things change radically, 1.7 billion will die without hearing the name of Jesus.”

That’s unthinkable and unacceptable, says Tom Elliff, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board. He’s come up with a plan to do something about that. It involves you.

“Your Mission Board is challenging you to embrace the ends of the earth,” Elliff says on a video posted to www.imb.org. (Click on “Embrace.”)


BGR’s ‘Kits for Kids’ helping to reach around the world

By Staff, BGC Communications

Is your church interested in a hands-on project that will help the physical and spiritual needs of children around the world? 

One that would give you the opportunity to connect People Who Care with People In Need?

This past summer Baptist Global Response (BGR) launched a project called “Kits for Kids.” The project involved churches, schools, camps, groups, families and others collecting/packing kits of basic school supplies and sending them to the warehouse.  Using its global network of national partners, BGR has been distributing the kits to families in dozens of countries around the globe.


NOBTS graduates 244

By Staff, NOBTS Communications

NEW ORLEANS – At least eight students with Louisiana ties graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) Saturday, Dec. 17. In total, the seminary graduated 244 certificate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.


Of those graduating, the following call Louisiana home:


Biblical Teaching Certificate

Albert R. O’Connor, Robert, La.; Kelley O’Connor, Robert, La.