August 2011

Harlan begins new role at LBC and LC

By Staff, LBC Communications [img_assist|nid=7497|title=Benjamin Harlan|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=80|height=100]ALEXANDRIA – Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director David Hankins on Aug. 1 welcomed Benjamin Harlan as the new LBC music strategist. Harlan’s new post includes serving as the LBC music strategist and associate professor/artist in residence at Louisiana College.


Camp USA connects cultures

By Karen L. Willoughby, Managing Editor [img_assist|nid=7500|title=Camp leaders|desc=Camp USA leaders, such as Min-Joo Kim (in stripes) safeguarded the campers’ “pocket money” and doled it out as needed.|link=none|align=right|width=640|height=480]PINEVILLE/PONTCHATOULA – A Korea-born woman recently traveled from her Chicago home to meet the grandchild she had never seen. That grandchild was one of 53 Camp USA participants this year.


Trying to understand the young adult mystery

By Andy Johnson, Pastor Crossroads Baptist Church Farmerville Young adults – ages 18-35, are missing from our church attendance rolls. They seem to be a riddle wrapped up in a mystery tucked away inside an enigma.  There is no “chapter and verse” proven procedure or program to get a young adult interested in church. Young adult attendance is an anomaly.


Crossover 2011 is coming

By Lonnie Wascom, Director of Missions Northshore Baptist Association When the Louisiana Baptist Convention hosts its annual meeting in Covington this Nov. 14-15, it will be the first time in the Convention’s history that the meeting has been held in the Florida Parishes.


Here’s a living illustration of biblical love

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor These days when negative news seems to dominate the headlines, I am always on the lookout for inspirational stories that accentuate the positive. I discovered one recently that deserves to be not only read but also contemplated. On July 22, Rachelle Friedman wed Chris Chapman in Pittsboro, N.C. Of the perhaps thousands of weddings that will take place in America over the next few days, what makes this couple’s nuptials newsworthy is that the bride’s father pushed her down the aisle in a wheelchair.


The Mideast: Christian minorities & the risks they face under Islamic rule

By Mike Edens, Professor of Theology and Islamic Studies at NOBTS Are the Christian minorities at greater risk as a result of the uprisings in the Middle East?” This is another key question that has been posed in a theology class I have been teaching in a Southern Baptist church recently. It’s a question that requires us to think outside our American cultural expectations.


BEL Credit Union notes great rates on consolidation loans for members

By Staff, Baptist Message ALEXANDRIA – Finances can be stretched thin at this time in the United States economy. BEL Credit Union may be able to help. BEL FCU – short for Baptist Employees of Louisiana Federal Credit Union, the only Baptist faith-based credit union in Louisiana – is positioning itself to over time be available to every member of every Baptist church and entity in Louisiana that affiliates with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. See


Numbers tell need for Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering

By Al Quartemont, Special to the Message ALEXANDRIA – To hear John Hebert tell it, the numbers mean everything. The State Missions and Ministry Team Leader for the Louisiana Baptist Convention, Hebert knows what those numbers say – nearly three-fourths of the state’s population is within 20 miles of Interstate 10 or south of it. Only one-fourth of the LBC’s churches fall in that same area. Stating it simply, three out of four Louisiana people are being served by only one out of four LBC churches in the state.


Busy Epps pastor engaged in numerous godly ventures

By Quinn Lavespere, Message Staff Writer [img_assist|nid=7510|title=Supportive congregation|desc=The congregation of Epps Baptist Church fully supports the biker and cowboy ministries as young and old turnout for events.|link=none|align=right|width=640|height=480]EPPS – Epps Baptist Church pastor Johnny Smith is a busy man with a busy church. Smith has involved himself with several ministries, including a cowboy ministry and a biker ministry, as his church looks toward a future of active servitude to Christ.