September 2010

Keith: Sunday School training leads to discipleship

By KAREN L. WILLOUGHBY, Managing Editor  NEW ORLEANS/LAFAYETTE – Training is vital for a vibrant Sunday School, says Sean Keith of the Louisiana Baptist Convention’s Evangelism/Church Growth team. “Sunday School is the largest lay-led organization in our churches, and if they are to be effective, the leaders need to understand their roles and responsibilities,” said Keith, the LBC’s Sunday School/Discipleship strategist. “Our role [as teachers and class leaders] is to make disciples; that’s from beginning to end. We have to think holistically.


Foundation's Wayne Taylor leads by example

By KAREN L. WILLOUGHBY, Managing Editor ALEXANDRIA – Financial investing is just one way of being a good steward of your resources, says Wayne Taylor, Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Foundation.Taylor, celebrating fifteen years with the Foundation, said his parents taught him to tithe and instilled in him the need to be a good steward in every aspect of his life. He also learned from them the importance of family. He learned at Calvary Alexandria “that it was my choices that determined my life.


Cenla churches plan homeless awareness event

BALL/DEVILLE/PINEVILLE – A car wash to raise money to help minister to homeless men, women and families in the Alexandria/Pineville area has been set for Sept. 18 at Advance Auto on Highway 28 E in Pineville. “Many people don’t know there are a lot of homeless people in Alexandria, some of them living under the bridge,”  said Rita Huffman of Kingsville Baptist Church in Ball. She’s a volunteer at Main Street Mission in Pineville, which interacts regularly with the homeless people who stop in the mission for food, clothing and a caring conversation.


Crockett Point Baptist's groundbreaking service was held recently

[img_assist|nid=6669|title=Crockett Point Baptist Church groundbreaking service|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=67] Crockett Point Baptist Church Crowville met for a groundbreaking service recently for a 1,500 square foot  building that will have education rooms and a youth worship/recreation room. The new  building will be attached to the back of the existing sanctuary by a 10’ x 10’ enclosed walkway. The dirt work was begun July 22. Construction is expected to be completed by April 2011.


Vacation Bible School strengthens churches

STATEWIDE – Nearly all the state’s 1,597 churches that affiliate with the Louisiana Baptist Convention hosted a Vacation Bible School this summer, and there was something special about each one. Following is a smattering of information from the reports that came in:VBS was combined with a soccer camp at New Hope Baptist in DeQuincy. During the time set aside in VBS for recreation and camp, New Hope VBS practiced soccer skills.



1920-2010 SELLERS MATERNITY MINISTRIES "NINETY YEARS OF OFFERING A FUTURE AND A HOPE" Sellers Maternity Ministries was founded in 1920 as the Baptist Woman’s Emergency Home in New Orleans. The ministry became affiliated with the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1933 and the name was changed to Baptist Women’s Home.


How can LBCH AND FM serve you or someone you know?

How can LBCH & FM serve you or someone you know?Your Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries strives to offer the highest quality of services through a dedicated Christian ministry team whose mission is to provide love, care, and a positive Christian witness for children and families in need. Please call 318.343.2244, e-mail, or visit for more info on how we can serve you or someone you know. [img_assist|nid=6673|title=Residential Ministries - Monroe|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=95]Residential Ministries – Monroe


Port Barre Pastor's story a testament to God's work

By QUINN LAVESPERE, Message Summer Staff Writer PORT BARRE – First Port Barre Baptist Church Pastor Benji Richard is a man who has seen both the depths of depravity and the fullness of God’s love. Nearly eight years after being saved, Richard has realized his dream of becoming pastor in his hometown of Port Barre, leading First Port Barre to spiritual triumphs through the blessings and work of God. “At the age of 26, God saved a rebellious and hell- bound sinner named Benji Richard,” Richard said. “The Lord answered the prayers my grandparents had been saying for me for 26 years.”


O. K. Corral Church to hold Rough Stock Training Camp

By QUINN LAVESPERE, Message Summer Staff Writer EROS – The month of October normally inspires people to prepare for Halloween. Pastor Gary Brewster and O.K. Corral Church have other plans in mind. O.K. Corral Church plans to host a rough stock training camp Oct. 8-10 for bull riders and bareback riders. “We’ve got a lot of things planned for the future, and this is one of them,” Brewster said. “We want to use these things to win people to the Lord.”