May 2009

NAMB appoints new missionaries in Louisiana

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The North American Mission Board has appointed two new missionaries in Louisiana.

Jerrid and Tammy Rohner will serve in Roseland, La., where Jerrid has been named as a church planting missionary pastor.  He will continue to serve as lead pastor/planter at Cross-Point Church in Roseland.  He is also owner of R & R Lawn Care in Roseland.




-Mark (wife Alexis) Isbell new as youth minister, First Baptist, Coushatta.




Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans

METAIRIE – In the first quarter of 2009,  the Celebration congregation has:


Questions We've Pondered

Question:  Fortune tellers, tarot cards, ouija boards, palm readers, and other spiritists offer to inform people of the future. Is this possible, that such devices or mediums (aka modern-day false prophets) could actually provide accurate information or predictions about future events? Doesn’t the Bible teach that everything spoken by a false prophet would not come to pass? Do false prophets ever accurately predict future events?